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All the Benefits of Having a Destination Proposal Planner

You can have the best proposal idea there is but if it isn’t executed flawlessly, it won’t matter.

Proposal on the beach in Malta

You have found the woman of your dreams and you are now ready to take your relationship to the next level.


Are you ready for a proposal in a classic Italian gondola o front romantic sunset in Malta?

The thought of proposing to the lady in your life can make the calmest of men jittery with nerves, and with various online videos of grand proposals going viral, the pressure to plan something extra particular can feel overwhelming.

For some, the thought of hiring a proposal planner may seem less romantic, however, to the contrary, the job of a proposal planner is to work WITH you to create a proposal personal to you and YOUR woman; your thoughts and information are key in creating a proposal she will never forget. The mere fact that you have taken the time to research and seek out help from professionals shows how much you care.

Angela Salzano Wedding & Proposal Planner

I am Angela Salzano, a wedding and proposal Planner in all of Italy and Malta who takes care of every last detail for you. I assure you that when you arrive, it is better than you envisioned. There are no mishaps, no mistakes, and no worries. You get to live in the moment and focus on what is most important in your proposal.

Below, I highlight the key benefits of why hiring a proposal planner is not only a good choice but a practical one too.


A Wedding Proposal Planner saves you time! You won’t need to research online around looking for the perfect location for your proposal in Italy o Malta. I do that for you.


Destination Proposal Planning in Italy or in Malta is a huge undertaking. You have to come up with the perfect proposal idea, determine when and where to propose, and then find all of the right vendors to help you pull it off who understand your needs well.

How stressful!

I take all of that stress from you. You tell me what you want and I make it happen. If you don’t know what you want, I will help you figure that out too


The job of a destination proposal planner is NOT to dictate how your proposal goes, but rather to work with you, in order to create a proposal personal to both you and your partner.

No matter how intimate or grand the proposal, the most important aspect is that the proposal is special to you both.


Our team members are available to help walk you through the process and best marriage proposal packages for you.

If you are ready to propose to your loved one, why not drop us an email at or feel free to schedule a quick connect call here! And let me help you create the proposal your lady deserves and a memory to last a lifetime in all of Italy o in Malta.

Angela Salzano

Destination Wedding & Proposal Planner


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