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Inspired Wedding Destination On The Amalfi Coast - Sun, Sea and Serenity in Sorrento -.

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Couple Natasha and Nicholas chose to host their Italy wedding on the stunning in Sorrento, a real gem of the Amalfi Coast.

A destination wedding in Italy inspired by the letters S of Sorrento, its sun, its sea and the serenity that surrounds us.

They dreamed of a wedding in Sorrento for its due to its gorgeous surroundings and romantic views. Fragrant flowers, brilliant blue waters and romantic walks make it a perfect location for a destination wedding in the Amalfi Coast.

Accompanied by the sweet melody "Torna in Sorrento"; this wedding day took place in a beautiful Italian villa, among its gardens and a breath-taking view of the Gulf of Sorrento. During the sunset you can enjoy a spectacle of nature, you are enlightened by the golden light of the sun that drops into the sea.

The couple wore sartorial clothes made in Italy. The bride dressed as a stylist from Sorrento, wanted to enhance the made in Sorrento also thanks to a delicate make-up and a very natural hairstyle.

The style and palette for the day tied seamlessly with the surroundings, in fact, we couldn’t help but be inspired by the colours of the traditional majolica of the Amalfi Coast. We have realized a project with attention to the smallest details involving only expert sellers. With such an outstanding venue embracing a unique view, Natasha wanted something simple, complementing the natural beauty of the setting.

The wedding day began at the couple’s beautiful Italian villa and the ceremony was held in a small garden. What a celebration! A must have experience if you choose to be married in Sorrento.

We worked to create a midsummer night's dream vibe. A clean design with beautiful gold accents was the prevalent theme for the décor. The dinner tables were different from usual with a runner of semi-suspended lemons decorated with roses, delphinium, lisianthus, hydrangeas and Eucalyptus.

The mice en place really made the difference with the hand-painted underplate with blue

decorations and coordinated cutlery of the same colour. Gold wire crystal glasses and chairs added a touch of elegance, following the S-shaped table. The menus were all hand-painted in watercolour, always with the moodboard colours of the event.

It was such a relaxing yet celebratory experience and Sorrento was so perfect that they will surely never forget.

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Wedding Planner: Angela Salzano Destiantion Wedding Planner

Photo & Video: Studio 24 Moving photo - Salvatore D'Angelo & Palmer Vitaliano

Veneus: Capo Santa Fotunata

Fashion Designer: Jasha Atelier - Salvatore D'Orsi & ToninoTerminiello

Makeup: Manuela Salzano

Hairstyle: Carmen Moccia

Furniture: Noleggio Allestimenti per Event Le Rose - Ciro Galasso

Floral designer: Pichs Flor Design - Peppe Picca & Ass. Matteo Di Manna

Wedding celebrant: Fabrizio Gammardella

Patisserie: Pasticceria Bruno - Bruno Rocco

Wedding Cake: Elena Longobardi

Ass. Wedding planner: Teresa Galotto


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