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Marriage Proposal on Boat

One of the things I love most about my job is listening to the love stories of my clients. I live through their words the emotions of their first kiss, walk or date. I’m Angela Salzano, an International Wedding & Proposal Planner, currently based in Malta.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a young guy, Alex, who sought help to organize a fabulous wedding proposal in Malta. He wasn’t looking for a dull romantic dinner. He wanted something special and unforgettable to celebrate the pinnacle of his long-distance relationship with Alessandra.

This is a story of resilience and love across two different Countries. This is the story of Alex & Alexandra.

He’s originally from Macedonia, she’s from Serbia. Their love story begins many years ago, virtually, on Facebook, where they get to know each other only through messages – not even video calls - for almost 2 years.

Long-distance relationships are extremely challenging. People usually feel that they might be better off letting things go and drift apart, rather than enduring the numerous hurdles of surviving the distance. So many questions popped into their mind over such a long period of time:

“Is he/she worth waiting for?”

“ Is he/she feeling the same way I do?”

“Am I kidding myself thinking this can work?”

On a Christmas holiday back in Serbia, Alexandra is finally going to get answers to those questions. Alex is willing to fly over to her and meet in person for the first time.

They see each other in the flesh for the first time on the New Year’s eve day, in what was going to come down as one of the most memorable days of their lives.

“Our first kiss, hug, walk taken together, holding hands. Everything was so magical I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I was over the moon. He was all I’d asked and looked for, for so many years”.

But it’s not all downhill from there. In order to see his beloved one as much as possible, Alex starts to travel back and forth from Macedonia to Serbia every time he gets the chance to. There’s something which is nagging him, always in the back of his mind. He needs to take a huge weight off his shoulders and declare his unshakable love for Alexandra. It’s time to propose!

“The longer you are apart, the more uncertainties can grow into legitimate existential crises. I had to make a move and declare my love to her”.

And what could be a better occasion to do so than a wonderful trip to sunny Malta.

Alex is adamant in his request to me, once we arrange our first meeting to discuss his proposal: it must be memorable. I assure him it will.

Hiring some of the best suppliers in Malta, I decided to get him a proposal on a private 2-mast sailing ship decked out with candles, flower decorations, wonderful music in the background and the breathtaking backdrop of Valletta and the crystal sea at their complete disposal.

It goes without saying: it was a huge success. Let’s be honest, long-distance relationships are tough, they can go down in flames if the couple is not committing 100% to it. But when things go finally down smoothly and love wins over anything else, well it’s time to celebrate and be proud of a love which is clearly stronger than any type of adversity or challenge, distance might have you to face.

Do you know why Alex has chosen Angela Salzano as his proposal Planner?

1 She provided an exclusive service for the day-saving him a great deal of time, energy and stress.

2 She created a detailed proposal project, including a plan “B”. From thought to reality!

3 She finally offered him a range of selected experiences available on the day and the possibility of changing the date at no additional cost.

Contact me for a free consultation and tell me your story. Together we will make your dream of proposing in Malta or Italy come true.

Angela Salzano Proposal Planner

Proposal Planner: Angela Salzano Destination Wedding Planner

Boat: Weddings & Events - Around Malta

Photo: Gianluca Barbanera - Lysa Graphic

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