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Most important question of my life: do I have to cancel my wedding because of the Coronavirus?

"I Planned My Dream Wedding in Italy...Then, Coronavirus Happened"

Like many girls who started dreaming and planning my perfect dream wedding from an early age, I couldn’t predict this COVID-19 outbreak.

The outbreak of coronavirus is having an ever-increasing impact on people’s daily lives across the globe, that’s for sure. As we approach spring, those who have organised weddings in the coming months will undoubtedly be feeling uncertain as to whether their nuptials will be able to go ahead, whether they are taking place in Italy, UK or elsewhere.

One of the reasons why a wedding may not go ahead may be over the fear of infection being spread at a large gathering, particularly if guests and family members are travelling from abroad to attend. However, another reason could be down to insurance.

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One of my tips on what to do if you are due to get married in Italy in May or June, would be to take into consideration the idea of postponing your Italian wedding to later on in the year. But even those planning to wed in those months are hesitant.

This would be possible, of course, if venue and suppliers have availability and agree.

Two: Make sure you have an experienced team. Having a wedding planner who is well connected is going to be very helpful to help you navigate any of those changes along the way.

The Italian government recently released a new emergency decree cancelling all private events: the suspension of events of any nature… that entails people gatherings of any sort. See below for the official statement link.

"The news is constantly changing, I'm having to keep updating clients on what's happening in Italy ."

While everything remains uncertain in the current climate, it is important not to panic and to take the necessary step of speaking to your wedding suppliers and your insurance provider, if you have one.

I offer my help if you need to reschedule your wedding in Italy.

Over the next days, on my social media channels I will show you some enchanting new locations that maybe you don't even know exist. I want you to keep dreaming.

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Please feel free to review the following links for latest advice on the virus as the articles are updated regularly


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