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5 types of veils for your wedding

Not just a piece of chiffon on your head, the veil has become the ultimate statement piece for the chic bride.


The most dramatic of all the veils. With a minimum length of 2.5m. The veil usually has plenty of lace and embroidery detail to further enhance the dramatic effect, and can sometimes even have a mantilla finish incorporate on top. It is best worn with an up-do or bun that has been tightly secured, as the veil can be heavy!


This in for you if you're not fan of the traditional veil, but still like the idea of having one. A cape is worn over the shoulders, and the possibilities for hairstyles are countless, as there are no restrictions. For a sophisticated look, go for a topknot or sleek ballerina bun; for a more Boho feel, opt for loose, textured curls.


The finger tip veil comes down to just where your fingertips are when your arms are relaxed. Best worn with a delicate up-do or low ponytail so that the veil can be clipped into the back and still reach the fingertips. For a softer effect, hold the veil in place higher on your head with a headpiece so that it falls over your shoulders like loose curls.


This is the part of the veil that covers the face, and comes in different lengths and style. Although the more traditional option is to keep the blusher short, other styles use it to more dramatic effect, such as a longer/length veil with an equally long blusher. This veil works well with any soft, romantic hairstyle – whether a low bun with loose strands or hair worn completely down. Stay away from a high ballerina bun as you want to avoid having volume on top of your head. It can be held in place with an Alice bend or tiara, but can also be delicately draped over your head if the edges have heavier finishes to weigh it down.

Ballet or Waltz

This veil falls between the calves and ankles. It’s longer and more dramatic than fingertip veil, but shorter and easier to dance in than a floor-length option. Best for a shorter hairstyle or a low up-do, where it can be clipped in securely.

Angela Salzano


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