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Why couples choose a destination wedding in Italy?

The start of any major event such as a wedding is an exhilarating yet stressful period. From the moment you announce your engagement on social media, the pressure is on. And for those planning a wedding in Italy, sometimes even more so, as expectations and cultural differences can affect each one of the planning stages.

Villa Treville, Amalfi coast

Is this the type of wedding for you? How do you go about arranging it?

A destination wedding is one whose location requires some travelling on the part of you and the majority of your guests, in order to spend a few memorable days with the group. Typically, the event takes place over a long weekend and entails a special level of research, logistics and hospitality. But having your wedding in an Italian location or somewhere that’s especially meaningful for you, makes it all the more distinctive. In spite of the complicated logistics, destination weddings provide ample opportunity for originality, freedom and intimacy.

Bologna. Ph: Annalisa Bombarda

Why couples choose a destination wedding in Italy?

  • To have a beautiful backdrop to the nuptials.

  • To bring together friends and family that are separated by great distances.

  • To provide neutral territory if concerns exist about family feuds or power issues.

  • To keep the event intimate and limit the guest list.

  • You can rely on a location’s natural beauty instead of dressing it up to look like somewhere else. It makes no sense to try to turn a beach setting into a chandelier hotel lobby, or an Italian villa into a cosmopolitan venue.

Torre San Marco, Garda Lake.

Torre San Marco, Garda Lake.

But all rules have exceptions, and the cost can mount up, especially if you have to import what you need. Make sure you keep in mind these costs for a destination wedding:

  • Any additional socialising you’re hosting for guest.

  • Ceremony fee.

  • Flights and accommodation.

  • Key suppliers like photographer, cake, flowers and music, hair and make-up.

  • Transfer fees for guests.

  • Visas, inoculations, and renewal of passport.

  • Wedding meal and drinks.

  • Welcome packs for guests.

Palazzo Gnudi, Bologna. Ph: Annalisa Bombarda

Why wed in Italy? The question is not why you should go to Italy, but where in this country of art, ancient history, ethereal vistas, top-notch cuisine, and abundant wine is the ideal destination for you. Italy is home to a plethora of scenic landscapes, from coastal views on the Amalfi Coast to the rolling hills of Tuscany, meaning wedding location options are endless.

Angela Salzano


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