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SOS wedding: 5 things to do after a marriage proposal.

You’ve just got the ring, your heart is pounding: you are getting married! What now?

1.Spread the word!

According to custom, your parents must know it first. Let’s organise a family reunion and break the news! Only afterwards, it’s time for friends and acquaintances to get the heads-up.

If you’re a social media addicted, you might post a picture of the ring with an amazing hashtag (the most common on Instagram is #isaidyes!). But you can also tell it to your best friend: she’ll spread the word for you!

2. How much should I spend?

That’s a crucial matter, since this decision will quite certainly affect all your future choices. No need to rush to make your mind up though! Take your time to come up with a reasonable budget figure.

Sound advice: buy a notebook and write down a list of possible (and unexpected!) expenses. You can also put your hands on something fancy like The Wedding Planner Diary, available on Amazon: it’s gonna become your best friend, mark my word.

3. Please, help me!

Angela Salzano Wedding Planner

Once you get rid of the financial hassles, it’s time to jump straight to the actual planning of the wedding. It’s unlikely you’ll manage to handle everything by yourself, thus don’t be ashamed of asking for help and don’t hesitate to contact her: the wedding planner. 

Needless to say a professional will certainly get some weight off your shoulder and guide you through the overwhelming amount of tasks every wedding is comprised of.

4. Wedding ceremony: religious or symbolic?

Wedding ceremony, Chiostro di San Francesco, Sarrento, Italy

Whether you decide to get married in the Church or at the register office, get the papers done as soon as possible, without leaving stones unturned. Neglecting this quite boring part of the planning might mean bumping into unpleasant setbacks later on in the process.

Photo by Corrado Francesco (Fotoidea)

5. The venue of your dreams.

Planning your wedding can be a really stressful matter. Finding the perfect venue too. If you haven’t got any idea whatsoever about a special location you can host the wedding into, ask your wedding planner for help. That’s precisely when she’ll come to rescue providing the invaluable know-how required to get you out of trouble.

Wedding venue in Amalfi coast

Patrizia D'amora

Angela Salzano


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