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Wedding dress wanted: which one is more suitable for you?

Every woman is unique. This mini-guide will show you how to choose the most suitable wedding dress for you. You will be beautiful and you will find out the secrets to maximize your potential.

Ask any bride to name the most important aspect of her wedding, chances are she’ll go for the dress. it’s the one thing that has to be exactly right. Even with just a single stitch out of place, or a missing sequin, there’s a good chance you’ll see tears on the day- and not in a good way.

When does the search for a wedding dress start? Ideally, 6/7 months prior to the wedding, in order to give you enough time to try out different dresses. Well, it’s time to put your faith in a professional sales assistant who can lead you towards the best choice for you. But bear in mind: never leave out a dress if you don’t like at first sight, you might fall in love with it once you’ll wear it.

Bride: Maria - Designer: Gianni Molaro - Photo: Roberto Menzione

Princess, queen, siren, vixen fashion designers are immensely creative in imagining what roles women want to play. This dress symbolises the start of a new phase in your life. Think about it, shopping for it and purchasing it can induce nothing short of sheer panic.

It doesn’t have to be that way. For start, bear in mind that the dress that ultimately makes you happiest is the one that reflects your inner self.

The choice, style and even colour of dress may differ according to religion, culture or taste, but ultimately every bride wants to look and feel beautiful.

Bride: Sveva - Designer: Emè - Photo: Erica Tonnoli

Where do you start when it comes to choosing the ultimate dress?

Do you go traditional or original, strapless, sleeveless, A-line or Empire, beaded, lace or satin?

With so many style and designs on offer, how can you be sure you’re making the right decision?

A-line: Flared from either under the bust or the waist, often with a fitted waist. Looks like an upright letter A, and is also called a princess line. An A-line is a flattering silhouette for just about everyone.

Bride: Michela - Designer: Passaro - Photo: Angela Salzano

Ball gown: A fitted corset with a very full skirt that brushes the floor. The waist may be nipped in at your natural waist, be shaped in an elongated triangle or be dropped to hug your hips. This is the classic fairy-tale wedding-dress silhouette, and the dress is highly embellished with sequins, lane or crystals, you’ve got you very own Cinderella fantasy costume. This dress all ready for the ball. The ball-gown silhouette looks particularly good on women with small waists and is most flattering for the less-buxom bride.

Bride: Ilaria - Designer: Michela Elite - Photo: Studio24 moving photo

Empire: The bodice is cropped and the waist seam ends just below the bust line to create a flattering elongated effect. It can have short sleeves or be sleeveless and may have various necklines. Works particularly well on women with medium to large breast and less-than-tiny waistlines.

Bride:Maria Laura - Atelier: Andrea Napolitano - Photo: Carmine Napolitano

Mermaid: Narrow, body-hugging dress that flares dramatically at or below the knee like a mermaid’s tail. Also Known as a fish tail. Good for showing off your curves, especially if you’re tall, Some woman find the cut constricting, but others like the shimmy effect.

Bride: Assunta Designer: Nicole Photo: Francesco Corrado

Sheath: A narrow, close-fitting dress that goes to the floor in an unbroken line. This shape is more reminiscent of an evening down than a wedding dress and is currently very popular with slim, toned brides. Particularly revealing when cut on the bias. Not suitable for kneeling. Basically, a sheath is the mermaid style without the flared bottom.

Bride: Maria - Designer: Gianni Molaro - Photo: Roberto Menzione

I feel there is something unexplored about woman that only a woman can explore.

Angela Salzano


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