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Two Best Places in Italy for an Epic Engagement in December

Winter has always been the most romantic season. Maybe it’s the snowflakes, or the fireplaces, or how they look in a sweater. Combine that with the holidays, and you have the perfect environment to make memories that’ll last the rest of your lives.

So how will you make this December special?

Christmas Day and Christmas Eve are consistently the top two most popular days to get engaged year after year. With enchanting twinkling lights, toasty fireplaces and cozy nights at home, the holiday season is practically made for romance, so it's not hard to see why proposing on Christmas is so desirable.

So how will you make this December special? Whether you plan to spend the holidays curled up at home, on vacation somewhere special, or celebrating with your family or theirs, there’s endless opportunity to propose.

Two Amazing Winter Proposal Ideas

Now that you know why the winter season is the perfect time to propose, let’s take a look at some romantic ways to pop the question.

Salerno Light Festival

During the holiday season, festive lights pop up everywhere, and some people really go all out.

Each year during the Christmas holidays, the city of Salerno organizes its unique Le Luci d'Artista event with light shows and installations along the streets and public squares, creating a magical atmosphere and attracting thousands of visitors.

Every single part of Salerno is enveloped in a special magic when "Luci d'Artista" - meaning Artists' Lights - is lit. The whole city is a riot of LED-powered illuminations.

Even with a lot of planning actual marriage proposals are spontaneous and emotionally charged.

There are two ways that you can use the lights in your winter proposal idea. First, you can use them as a romantic backdrop once you get down on one knee.

Then, you can stop at any location that seems romantic enough. It might also be a good idea to take a look at the lights beforehand to ease your nerves about finding the perfect spot.

The second way to use lights in a proposal is to have them spell out a light message.

Special tips: The photographs taken during this moment capture the genuine reactions of both partners. Plan a photo shooting with an expert photographer who knows how to shoot at night and against the lights. otherwise, you risk just having lots of dark or blurry photos. The experience and expertise a photographer bring can turn a simple proposal into a breathtaking visual story.

Romantic chalets: a cabin for two in the Dolomites

These romantic cabins are full of rural charm, set among woods and meadows, on mountain slopes, or on the shores of beautiful lakes.

You can hear the birds singing in the trees, the leaves rustling in the wind, and apart from that simply infinite silence. Wonderful, romantic, relaxing.

 If you're planning an outdoor Christmas proposal, that may a good thing writing your proposal in the snow. Make sure to check the weather forecast a few days before the proposal and have a solid backup plan in place should inclement weather thwart your original plans

If you're ready to take the next step with your partner, be sure to spend some extra time planning, since this time of year already tends to be a little bit busy.

With the help of professional proposal planners like Angela Salzano wedding and proposal planner, I sharing need-to-know tips for your Christmas engagement, plus or plan a unique and personalized proposal suited to your needs.

I hope to be able to chat with you as soon as possible to make your dream come true.

Angela Salzano

Wedding & Proposal Planner


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