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Malta - Italy

La Bella Italy

Thinking of getting married in Italy? Felicitazioni!


Italy is a sound choice for British couples who are looking to tie the knot abroad: beautiful weather (almost) always guaranteed, great wines and food, an amazing Mediterranean atmosphere and affordable plane tickets for your guests…

You got it, organising a destination wedding in Italy is the way forward if you’re after la Dolce Vita!


Getting married in Malta


Choosing the location for your dream day is a BIG decision.  Well, we’re here to help you with one major decision – where to have the wedding. Here are 3 sound reasons why Malta is where you need to get hitched.

1) Malta's climate is typically Mediterranean, with mild, sunny summers for up to 8 months a year. 

2) Malta ranks as the second cheapest destination for an oversea wedding in the Mediterranean! 

3 There is more than one island to have amazing photos taken and beautiful churches for amazing wedding photography. 


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